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Our goal is to design better policy using games and simulations. Our work involves three inter-related threads:
PolicyLab where we undertake research at the intersection of art, social sciences, and technology to design games and simulations;
School of Policy where we train policymakers and civil society groups in the use of these tools;
Policy in Play where we design artefacts such as graphic novels and games to make policy more accessible.
We work with the Government, Academia, and Civil Society.

Some of our current projects include: Building a game for the UN for students of economics and sustainability studies to understand the Inclusive Wealth Indicator (IWI), an indicator proposed as a complement to the GDP and HDI; ₹ubbish! a game on waste management in Bangalore; SimCity - building simulations to understand and plan for cities in the Indian context; and building a game for the Institute of Plasma Research, a Government of India undertaking.

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