P-I-F or Pay it forward is a wonderful practice, a practice popularised by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Robert Heinlein in their recent writings. It is a practice where you’ve received some help and you pay for it by helping other people. It is a timeless practice that we have followed in India in multiple ways, whether it is using text books from our seniors and giving it away to our juniors or whether it is someone paying school fees and us paying another student’s fees when we start earning.

At FoV, we have benefitted from some of the best possible mentors, advisors and partners. They have been generous with their time and patient with our questions, they have offered us many new avenues to learn and helped make our idea of FoV a reality. Our journey has been that much easier and enjoyable because of the support we received when we started out. To this end, we are opening our doors at FoV to help improve the ecosystem and possibly make things easier for people thinking of starting out.

Firstly, if you are thinking about starting a new organisation, if you are working towards improving society, our doors are open. You can come and work out of our lovely home in JP Nagar, Bangalore. We have a space where you can discuss your ideas with an economist, a designer, a lawyer, a programmer and a journalist among others. It does not matter if you have not started yet or if you have registered your organisation, if you are a for-profit or a non-profit. We have internet access for you to work, access to a pantry, and steaming paddus are a just short walk away at Adithya. You do not have to pay us a fee, all we ask is that you respect the house rules.

Secondly, if you need space to hold a meeting, if you need to screen a movie, if you need space for a book club, or if you need a place where you want to host a small workshop, you are welcome to use our space. We have a sunny terrace, an enclosed room on the terrace and a high ceiling room on the ground floor that we invite you to use. Once again, we ask that you respect the house rules.

Accessibility Information
We are based in an old house with multiple levels. The entrance to the ground floor has one step, and we can provide a ramp if required. The ground floor, which has a kitchen, meeting space, and the largest discussions space of the house, are all on the same level. There is a small toilet in the ground floor, which is not wheelchair accessible. The other floors have to be accessed via a staircase. There is one room at the mezzanine level, and two rooms are on the first floor, and there is another toilet on the first floor. There is another staircase that leads to the terrace and a room with glass windows.

This, we thought would be the best way to thank all of our mentors, advisors and partners for their support. We aren’t the first organisation that is opening their doors to help others, and we hope that the tribe grows.

Please do write to us at pif@fieldsofview.in