Trina Talukdar

Trina Talukdar started working in Kalighat, one of Asia's largest red light areas, at the age of 18. Her interaction with commercial sex workers spurred her passion to co-found Kranti at the age of 22. Kranti empowers girls from Mumbai’s Red Light Areas to become social change leaders.

Trina was Director of Venture and Fellowship, South Asia, for Ashoka, a global organisation across 90 countries, investing in the leading social entrepreneurs of our times. Trina worked for Ashoka both in South Asia and Southern Africa. Trina worked with American Express, Philanthropy, in the U.S.A., building leadership in non-profit professionals. Trina continues to be a serial social entrepreneur, kick-starting critical development work in the field of 21st century leadership. Her most recent venture is Bolti Bandh, that builds dialogue between politically polarised people.