Bharath M. Palavalli, Harsha Krishna and Dinesh Jayagopi

Analyzing gaming-simulations using video based techniques.
Proceedings of the Technique, Education, Agriculture, and Management Conference 2014, ACM.


Gaming-simulations have been used to understand problems where stakeholders who are often at a conflict with each other and they have multiple objectives. The validity of achieving the intended objectives through the use of a game is measured by analyzing the results from the game and player behavior. Standard methods such as observation and the use of the game elements fail to capture critical information and are cumbersome for large groups of players and across multiple game sessions. We propose the use of automated group behavior analysis using multi-modal input to understand player behavior. We propose that by creating a framework to parameterize the metrics for different types of games, it is possible to use such automated techniques to improve analysis and design of serious games.


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