Solemnly Resolve: Build The Preamble To Your Future

  • Intended Audience

    Students, Youth Organizations, Community Groups, Policy Makers, Civic Activists

  • Keywords

    Democracy, Diverse Stakeholders, Decision-making, Dynamic Debates, Critical Thinking, Consensus-building, Civic Engagement, Indian Constitution, Constitutional Values

  • Duration

    60-90 mins

  • Number of Players

    5-100, Ideally 20

Embrace the roles of civic actors, navigate intricate societal challenges, and collectively shape the constitutional values that define your society's future.

Traditional methods of learning and discussion may not always effectively capture the complexities and dynamics of critical engagement and understanding of complex societal issues, especially in the realms of rights, democracy, and diverse stakeholder involvement. In a world that demands active civic participation and informed decision-making, Solemnly Resolve fosters critical thinking, consensus-building, and a deep understanding of the dynamics of civic engagement.

Solemnly Resolve is a game that immerses participants in dynamic debates and discussions, assuming the roles of different civic actors. It is best played with twenty participants divided into four groups, with a total duration of approximately 60-90 minutes, including the briefing, gameplay, and a short debrief session.

At the end of the game, participants receive their own preamble of the constitution—a reflection of the cumulative impact of their choices on the social fabric. This unique outcome encapsulates the values and principles they upheld, offering profound insight into their collective decision-making.

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Collaborations and Funders

The data and research for the game was undertaken at Fields of View.

  • Anurag Shanker from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
  • Rishabh Jain from Samsung R&D, Bangalore
  • Sharanya Venkataraghavan from Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  • Suruchi Soren from National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar
  • Tarun Mugunthan from Atlassian, Bangalore

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