Shaping Futures: Youth livelihood options in creating inclusive cities

  • Intended Audience

    Youth (15-24 years)

  • Keywords

    Youth Livelihood, inclusion, inclusive cities

This project aims to develop understandings about youth futures in marginalised urban contexts, to improve policy and practices that promote youth livelihoods and contribute to creating inclusive cities across India, Brazil and other ODA countries.

Consideration of spatial, social and economic activities while planning is critical to make cities equitable, inclusive and accessible to all. With India having the world’s largest youth population and given the many challenges they face linked to urbanisation, economic opportunities, rights and participatory democracy, their involvement in policy development becomes crucial.

This project arises from youth-focus groups in India and Brazil, who advocated for youth-led investigations to create more livelihood options for them, in their urban contexts. It responds to an urgent research need, identified by our Brazilian and Indian partners and youth focus group participants, where youth futures are challenged by economic and social insecurity, precarious livelihoods associated with low pay and few rights, and substantial inequalities and disadvantages.

Within this research, youth livelihoods recognises young people as active citizens, with capabilities and assets, including economic drivers and access to employment opportunities, but extending to also address young people’s access and participation in spatial, community and policy contexts. Through a strategic approach, using creative, interactive and accessible outputs, the project aims to engage with young and adult stakeholders to transform local policies and practices, and provide lessons nationally and cross-nationally to support youth livelihood options that create inclusive cities.

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