Disaster Resilient Housing

  • Keywords

    Disaster Resilient Housing

Resilient housing provides shelter against natural disasters and offers opportunities for livelihoods, social infrastructure, etc. to those affected by disasters. In addition to long-term housing, resiliency implies meeting needs beyond shelter such as cultural needs, livelihood generation, economic stability and psychological well-being of the people affected.

The project involves understanding the different aspects of a disaster recovery project to promote resiliency among affected communities. It involved understanding resiliency from the lens of

  • Policy and Schemes- Role of different existing schemes of government towards achieving resiliency in housing construction.
  • Quality of life- Impact of housing reconstruction project in the quality of life of the beneficiaries, livelihood access and capacity building at the local and the state level.
  • Environmental trade-offs- Environmental impact and trade-offs in provisioning of resilient housing, choice of location, land availability etc.
  • Financial- Role of funding and financing models and its impact on the beneficiaries factoring in different socio-economic backgrounds and geographical factors.

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