Map my City

  • Intended Audience

    Civil engineers, Urban practitioners who work with utilities infrastructure such as water supply distribution, sanitation, and solid waste management.

  • Keywords

    Extreme climate event, resilience, civic infrastructure, basic utilities, cities, municipalities.

  • Type

    Table-top game in a workshop format

  • Duration

    1 - 1.5 hours

  • Number of Players

    3 groups

A participatory exercise developed as part of the ACCCRN initiative to help cities identify and define climate challenges they face.

Cities are the basis of our society and consume large amounts of resources. In a city, the resources are distributed through networks such as water distribution, sanitation and tranportation etc. These networks are interconnected and influence others. At a macro level, a city can be seen as system of systems. In order to be more responsible in using these resources, a city needs to understand the effects of its actions on all of its networks. We designed and developed a game to demonstrate the effects of such networks on the city as whole. This game is focused in the context of localizing the global effects of climate change for the engineers in different city councils.

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Collaborations and Funders

This work was funded by and carried out in collaboration with TARU Leading Edge, Gurgaon.

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