Joint Road Forward

  • Intended Audience

    Policy makers, Transportation Industry, Academia

  • Keywords

    Mobility, infrastructure, policy.

A project that uses gaming and computerized simulations to study planning for mobility infrastructure and policy.

The Joint Road Forward is a multi-year project aimed at developing gaming and simulation methods to better design mobility infrastructure and policies, leveraging different forms of relevant data, and participatory methods.

The research project is a collaboration between academia and industry in India and the Netherlands, with a goal to learn from both contexts. We will use mobility data mining methods to build specific mobility models, which form the base for the gaming and simulation platform.

Our approach leverages both gaming and computerized simulations, built and validated using data from Indian and Dutch contexts. Computerized simulations offer a space for experimentation at scales of cities, and gaming simulations provide the ability to use participatory approaches enabling multiple stakeholder engagement. Our efforts in this project are supported by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

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Collaborations and Funders

IIIT-B, TU Delft, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Social Inclusion through Play, A New Methodology for Public Transport Planning in the Indian Context

Joint Road Forward: a new set of tools for including excluded perspectives on transport infrastructure.

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