Gazette or Gonzo

  • Intended Audience

    Online audience, Offline audiences, specifically young adults

  • Keywords

    Constitution, fundamental rights

  • Type

    Online and computer-assisted offline

  • Duration

    90 minutes (excluding briefing and de-briefing)

  • Number of Players

    6 players

How many Indians have engaged critically with the Indian Constitution?

The Indian Constitution is the foundational text of our country, which embodies the contract we are bound by, from which we can draw our national identity. It is the Constitution of India. We can rely on the Constitution to articulate and stress the democratic values enshrined in it. We can call upon the Constitution to debate the questions about what it means to be Indian. But how often do we see the Constitution as the arbiter of such debates? Why isn’t the Constitution invoked whenever there is a question about what India could do?

It is against this background, the Constitution Project was formed with a goal to create material that will help the audience engage critically with the Constitution. The game ‘Gazette or Gonzo’ is being developed under the Constitution Project. The game is a computer-assisted game that can facilitate critical engagement with fundamental rights in the Constitution, and is meant for young adults.

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