Fields of View Workshop

The Fields of View workshop to facilitate design in interdisciplinary spaces.

Social problems are complex, involving multiple dimensions. We need people from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives to come together to design for these problems. Though bringing together people from different backgrounds is acknowledged as a first-step to a more participatory, bottom-up approach to design, often such sessions become difficult to manage, and leave participants frustrated at the lack of productive outcomes. The Fields of View workshop involves a guided process that creates a space for participants from diverse backgrounds to design together.

In game terminology, a field of view refers to what is visible to the player. Fields of View thus refers to the common ground, where different people with different perspectives can come together and have a dialogue. Drawing upon our in-house interdisciplinary methodology, the Fields of View workshop involves a guided process involving two phases — the problem articulation phase and the design phase. The first phase of the workshop, the problem articulation phase, involves participants working through different activities that lets them come up with a commonly agreed upon problem statement. The problem articulation phase is followed by the design phase, where the participants work together to imagine futures and figure out how to design for these transformations.

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