Curriculum for 74th Amendment

  • Intended Audience

    Citizens of India, CSOs, CBOs, Ward committees, Corporators

  • Keywords

    74th Amendment Act, Local Governance, Capacity Building, Adult Learning

The curriculum designed on the 74th amendment act aims to create awareness on the features of the act, the possibilities it presents and the state of its implementation, accessible to both civil society organisations and citizens. The modules are designed to contain interactive exercises and comic books to provide an immersive and collaborative experience.

The 74th Amendment Act was a milestone in the journey to develop policies with the community, for the community. Decentralisation of the government and helping localities develop their self-government bodies pave the way to allow for the participation of diverse voices in the policymaking process. Critical gaps in the implementation of the 74thamendment act lie in the interface between the urban local bodies and the communities. To reduce this gap and improve dialogue, it is required for the communities to gain a deeper understanding of the act, its provisions mentioned and the areas of intervention by the communities in the governance process. The lack of awareness of the existence of the act, the language used, and technicalities involved makes it difficult for the people to assimilate this information and participate effectively in the planning process. Thus, the curriculum and the training module is for the following audiences:

  1. Community based organisations (CBOs)
  2. Communities

It covers material spanning the history of 74th Amendment Act; history of urban local governance; key aspects of the Act; institutions involved in implementing the 74th Amendment Act; and case studies on success and challenges in implementation.

The curriculum is being designed in the form of a day-long workshop. All the modules are activity-based. Participants suffer from lecture fatigue, so all activities are hands-on group work. Features of the training module:

  1. Peer learning: In all the sessions, participants will work in groups. This allows them to talk to each other and clarify their doubts during activities, which is unlike a lecture setting where the participants do not interact with each other. Peer learning also enables everyone to understand all concepts, unlike a lecture setting.
  2. Sessions involving fun and creativity: Participants enjoy sessions where they have fun and express themselves creatively. Therefore, the curriculum incorporates sessions that allow for the same.

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Collaborations and Funders

The module was developed in collaboration with and funded by Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS). The comic book of the 74th Amendment Act is illustrated by Sweta Roy Choudhury.

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