• Intended Audience

    Women’s rights organisations, public service providers, and the public at large

  • Keywords

    Women’s safety, design

To increase reporting of sexual harassment of women in public spaces, and ensure institutional linkages for the data to be used.

While newspapers debate over women's safety, can we think of designing options to enhance a sense of safety of women in public spaces, without compromising their freedom?

It is this question we explored in a cross-cultural design collaboration between two teams, one in Bangalore and the other in Amsterdam, comprising students of both Indian and Dutch nationalities. The focus of the team in Bangalore was to address under-reporting of sexual harassment of women in public spaces.

Outputs include prototype of an electronic panel, Convers[t]ation, for informally reporting cases of sexual harassment; and a white paper on the institutional support required for the panel.

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Collaborations and Funders

The project was a collaboration between mediaLAB Amsterdam, IIIT-B, and Fields of View

An Interdisciplinary, Dialogic Approach to Develop an Electronic Device to Enhance Freedom and Mobility of Women in Public Spaces in the Indian Context - Illustrated by the Case of Convers[t]ation.

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