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Quantitative Researcher

At Fields of View, we design games and simulations to make better policy. We are a not-for-profit research organisation. A quantitative researcher will work on various projects for Fields of View, with required skills in collecting, cleaning, and analysing large-scale quantitative database, and developing statistical models as per the project requirements and assisting other teams in developing tools. The ability to adapt to deliver reliable quality data analysis and reporting is highly valued. Fields of View is an interdisciplinary group - therefore, the quantitative researcher is expected to work with people from diverse backgrounds. The quantitative researcher will be working on multiple projects - therefore, ability to switch contexts, and deliver according to timelines is a must. The position is based in Bangalore. Women candidates are encouraged to apply. For details of remuneration and any other information, please write with your CV.

Basic Requirements

  • Master’s Degree in any of the Social Sciences, including sociology, economics, anthropology, and social psychology etc.
  • One to three years’ experience in the above-mentioned fields of research

Skills Required

  • Ability to handle large-scale quantitative database
  • Expertise in collecting data through secondary research
  • Proficiency in cleaning data and statistical analysis
  • Expertise in statistical modeling – Linear, Time Series, Panel data models
  • Expertise in advanced Excel, including VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Pivot Table, Macros
  • Proficiency in R/STATA/SPSS to analyse quantitative data
  • Basic understanding of MySQL

Additional Skills

  • Ability to understand socio-economic scenario in urban context
  • Interested in researching on equity and sustainability studies
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Knowledge in GIS tools
  • Knowledge in qualitative research methodologies and analysing tools
  • Basic understanding of Simulation tools

Other Notes

  • Fields of View is a non-profit organisation.
  • The position is based in Bangalore
  • Our office is in JP Nagar, close to Rangashankara