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Qualitative Researcher


We are looking for a full-time Social Science Researcher to join our team at Fields of View. You will be required to work with qualitative social data. You must have proficiency in qualitative research methodologies and must also possess a working ability to interpret quantitative data. You will be expected to apply a range of qualitative analytical methods and techniques, including designing of analytical frameworks, executing research projects, analysing and reporting results in various media.

We are a multi-disciplinary organisation working in diverse subject matters such as urban planning, energy systems, local governance, climate change, law and justice, housing, etc. Therefore, you must be able to apply research methods in designing studies and analysing data across domain areas.

Being a research organisation, we encourage all our researchers to explore new avenues of both research and practice. The candidate will be working in an interdisciplinary team, and has to communicate and work with people from different backgrounds. The ability to simultaneously work on multiple projects and to rapidly switch contexts is non-negotiable.

This is a full-time role and will be based in Bangalore, India.


  • Undertake secondary data collection using public data sources such as Census of India, World Bank, etc.
  • Execute research projects from start to finish, including collecting, cleaning, processing, analysing and publishing data
  • Independently develop framework of analyses for consolidated primary or secondary data
  • Coordinate with stakeholders for data collection and sharing
  • Communicate research processes and results to audiences from diverse backgrounds
  • Manage projects and team towards the project outcomes
  • Writing up research results in the form of journal articles, conference papers, blogs, or white papers

Required Skills

  • A Master’s degree in any of the social sciences, including sociology, economics, anthropology, law, public policy, psychology, statistics or in equivalent fields.
  • Prior experience in field research, either in conducting surveys or ethnographic research
  • Proficiency in qualitative data analysis software such as NVivo, Atlas.ti and data visualisation software such as Tableau or other applications.
  • Managing databases, cleaning and presenting data in statistical packages of choice.
  • Experience in organising and facilitating Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)
  • Developing and writing case studies
  • Experience in project management and liaising with project partners
  • Simultaneously working on multiple projects
  • Quickly switching contexts
  • Independently planning and managing your work
  • Applying research methods to different subject areas

Preferred Skills

  • Designing primary data collection proposals, including accounting for ethical, privacy and method-specific considerations
  • Proficiency in one or more Indian languages such as Kannada, Tamil, or Hindi
  • Experience in diverse data collection methods such as games, oral histories, online surveys, social media, etc.
  • Experience working with government stakeholders
  • Ability to interpret quantitative data and identify emerging trends for analysis

Why Work at Fields of View

  • We pride ourselves in building a collaborative and open environment around our work in building tools for inclusive public policy. This is your chance to become an addition to our coveted multidisciplinary team, that houses individuals from different backgrounds scaling from Journalism to Game Design to Law.
  • We have collaborations with Indian and international universities, and you get access to cutting edge research in data and policy.
  • Depending on your interest, you will contribute to research papers that will be published in major journals.
  • Your work will contribute to real-world applications in addressing social problems.
  • High levels of ownership as part of a small, growing team.
  • We have a generous leave and work-from-home policy and are committed to building an organisational culture of collaboration and trust.
  • We are a non-profit organisation and an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a safe and vibrant workplace, and highly encourage applications from people from diverse caste, gender, ethnic and religious identities.


Compensation will range from INR 69,575- INR 86,970 (Including TDS) per month based on level of experience.

How To Apply

If this sounds interesting or exciting to you, please write to with your CV, design portfolio, two writing samples and a thoughtful cover letter stating why you want to work with us in this role.

  • We will review your application and if we feel like it is a good fit for us, we will assign you a task. The assignment will involve a cross section of the kind of work you'll do with us. You take as much time as you want to complete the assignment, but we've noted that it takes on average about 7 days to finish.
  • If we like your approach to the assignment, we invite you to spend 2 days with us in our office in Bangalore, so you can get to know our team and work culture. You will also be provided a follow-up task to be performed during those 2 days. Once this is done, and if you like us and we like you, we will extend an offer within a week's time.

About Fields Of View

At Fields of View (, we use games and simulations to help CSOs make sense of their work around vulnerability and climate. We are a not-for-profit research group based in Bangalore. We have an interdisciplinary group with people whose backgrounds range from technology, art, social sciences, law, and policy.

FoV's work has been featured in Indian and international media, including BBC News; The Hindu; Deccan Herald; Deccan Chronicle; The Newsminute, CNN-IBN, Deutsche Welle (, a German international broadcaster, and Factordaily.

As our goal is to create bridges between Government, Academia, and Civil Society, we work with all three groups:

  • Government - Our partners in government include Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India; Institute of Plasma Research, Government of India; Tamil Nadu State Land Use Board, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Civil Society Groups - The civil society organizations we have collaborated with include Gender at Work, who works to promote gender equality in organizations; Sahjeevan, who works to empower disadvantaged communities in the Kutch region in Gujarat, India; Alternative Law Forum, whose focus is on integrating alternative lawyering with critical research; UNESCO-MGIEP, which specialises in research, knowledge sharing and policy formulation in the area of education for peace, sustainability and global citizenship; and UNDP Sri Lanka.
  • Academia - We have research collaborations with different Indian and international universities, including International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-B), Bangalore; TU-Delft, Netherlands; Netherlands E-Sciences Centre, Netherlands; Department of Computational Sciences, University of Amsterdam; and Medialab Amsterdam.

Fields of View is a non-profit organisation, registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. Section 12AA(1)(b)(i), and Section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.