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Communications Manager

As the Communications Manager your role will be to tell the Fields of View story to the world! At Fields of View we do complex work, because wicked social problems need comlex solutions. As the Communications Manager, your role will be to tell the story of our complex work in simple and engaging ways to the public. So, although the role is of a Communications Manager, at Fields of View you will have the opportunity to learn about complex systems, policies and get an in-depth understanding of social development, so you can use your skill set to communicate what you are learning to the outside world.

You will be anchoring communications and outreach for the organisation, designing and implementing a social media strategy, conceptualising outreach campaigns, engaging with potential clients and funders through the development of communication materials.

Your strengths should lie in designing-storytelling with an understanding of the social media world and how to leverage it’s relevance and power. Your knack in content creation and a strong instinct for breaking down and narrating in and around data for an information hungry, ever-evolving audience will come in to be crucial, for this role.


  • Communications Strategy Development
  • Content Creation
  • Managing our designers, videographers and other communications vendors
  • Content Marketing
  • Managing Insights & Analytics

*(across internal and external platforms)


  • Visual Design
  • Story Telling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Content Creation
  • Copy Writing
  • Understanding of Social Media &
    relevant tools in the context of Non Profits

Why Work With Fields of View

  • We pride ourselves in building a collaborative and open environment around our work in building tools for inclusive public policy. This is your chance to become an addition to our coveted multidisciplinary team, that houses individuals from different backgrounds scaling from Journalism to Game Design to Law.
  • We have collaborations with Indian and international universities, and you get access to cutting edge research in data and policy.
  • Depending on your interest, you will contribute to research papers that we have published in major journals.
  • Your work will contribute to applications in addressing social problems.

How to Apply for the Role
Please write to with:

  • Your CV
  • A problem you identified, and what you did to solve it. This could be anything from a small project in your school or college, a difficult conversation within your family or friends, a large scale social development initiative you led, or an internal organisational issue you tackled. If your solution worked or not is not important. We just want to get to know you and how you think! Tell us what the experience of the process of problem solving was like for you, how did it make you feel, what did you learn, what do you do differently in life because of that experience now.

Other Notes

  • Fields of View is a non-profit organisation
  • The role is for a part-time position
  • The role is remote