• Bharath Palavalli, Sruthi Krishnan - Designing game for learning. 11th February 2016. Quest 2 Learn, Quest Alliance. IIM-Bangalore


  • Bharath Palavalli, Sruthi Krishnan - Workshop on using games for social issues. 3rd November, 2015. CKS, Delhi
  • Bharath Palavalli, Sruthi Krishnan, Onkar Hoysala, Vardhan Varma, Harsha K - A five - day Game Design course for masters-level students . 26th to 30th October, 2015. National Institute of Design - Bengaluru
  • Sruthi Krishnan - Problem Formulation session at the "Indian Urban Lab” workshop conducted by INDE and IFHP. 7th October, 2015. IIHS.
  • Bharath Palavalli - Game Design Workshop. 16th and 17th September, 2015. KHOJ, Delhi.
  • Sruthi Krishnan, Bharath Palavalli - Problem Formulation Workshop with Embarq. 5th March 2015. Bangalore.
  • Bharath Palavalli - Game Design Workshop. 1st and 2nd of March 2015. Pearl Academy, Jaipur.