Fields of View Newsletter
February- May, 2012

News and Updates

New MoUs Signed

  • Fields of View signed an MoU with International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore on 23rd February, 2012, in Bangalore.
  • Fields of View signed an MoU with the University of Amsterdam's, Computational Science Department on the 26th April, 2012 at Fields of View, Bangalore.

Conferences, Workshops and other Events

The Indo-Dutch Experts Workshop held on 24th and 25th April was an initiative by NWO and IIIT-Bangalore. Fields of View helped organise the event. The participants included people from industry and academia from both the countries. The topics under discussion included serious games, urban systems, safety and health. The entire session of two days was conducted as a problem formulation exercise where the participants formed teams to come up with proposals and collaboration strategies to pursue them. The participants came up with six proposals under safety, games, health, education and urban systems.

February Events/Meetings attended by
Children's Ward Sabha, Bangalore on the 23rd. Aditi and Onkar
March Presentation/Talk presented by
Presentation on Team's approaches to agent-based modelling in the Open Systems Lab's seminar series at IIIT-B on the 21st March. Harsha
Events/Meetings attended by
Open Data Camp organised by HasGeek held at the Google Office, Bangalore, on the 24th. Onkar
Creative Leadership Workshop organised by THNK the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership on the 29th. Harsha and Onkar
April Presentation/Talk presented by
Geo-spatial Interoperability workshop meeting at IIT- Bombay on the 12th. Bharath
Events/Meetings attended by
Met with Deepak Menon and Sunita Nadhamuni from Arghyam at their office in Indiranagar, Bangalore, on the 4th. Aditi, Onkar and Bharath
Low Carbon Cities workshop held at IISc, Bangalore organised by Energy and Wetlands Group at the Center for Ecological Sciences, outlining a study of carbon-footprint studies carried out at Bangalore and Xi'an, China, on the 13th. Harsha
Training program organised by India Water Portal on the 22nd. Aditi
May Presentation/Talk presented by
International Workshop For Urban Prototyping organised by The School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore in collaboration with The Ecological Sequestration Trust on the 2nd. Bharath
Visited the Institute for Plasma Research at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on the 21st. Bharath
Events/Meetings attended by
Met with Dinesh from Janaasthu to discuss accessibility of law and problems faced in making it accessible. Aditi, Bharath and Niveditha
Workshop "A Sustainable Future for SURAT: Stakeholder Workshop" at Surat, organised by The Ecological Sequestration Trust and TARU, on the 19th. Bharath

Proposals and Projects

 U- Urban Systems P- Public Safety and Security G- Games S- Simulations V- Visualisations

  • Smart Campus- U, S
    A smart campus addresses the problem of managing resources and services in a campus in an effective, sustainable and reliable manner. We propose to build a multi-agent tool that can be used for various campuses as part of this effort.
  • Budget Adjust Maadi- U, G, V
    We submitted an entry to the Rockefeller foundation's 2012 Innovations Challenge to create a game that will help the marginalised and the semi literate understand the municipal budget of Bangalore. The game intends to increase public participation and inclusion of the marginalised in the budget planning process.
  • Environmental resiliency modelling- U, G, S
    We plan to work with various stakeholders in Gujarat for a low-carbon, economically viable and a resilient development for the city of Surat in Gujarat. The effort will focus on creating an integrated model of the resource links and usages, economic and social activities among others.
  • Alternative narrative of the slum journey- U, G, S, V
    We plan to work with the Computational Science Research Group at University of Amsterdam ( to understand the different trajectories of the various slums in Bangalore.
  • Geo-spatial Interoperability for Disaster Management using a Multi-agent simulation- U, P, S
    We propose to use a multi-agent system to aid decision makers involved in disaster management and derive standards for geo-spatial interoperability of such a prototype system. The proposal has been submitted to the National Resources Data Management System, Department of Science and Technology, India.
  • Games for training- P, G
    We are currently working on a proposal to use games to train scientists and technicians to operate and maintain a Steady State Superconducting Tokamak ( We plan to submit this proposal to the Institute for Plasma Research.
  • Culture-aware games for safety training- P, G, V
    We propose to improve safety levels in a hazardous work environment using serious game training. The game will be used to explore and incorporate cultural biases towards safety and thus, allowing the game to be used with a multi-cultural workforce. This proposal has been submitted to a company with a high risk environment with a diverse workforce.
  • Visualising the Law- P, V
    We are in discussions with local grass-root organisations to make the law accessible by visualising it. The initial effort will be in the area of domestic violence. We hope to use this as a case study to create a framework that can help develop more such tools.
  • Serious Game Course- G
    We are developing a 101 course on design of serious games using some of the games developed by members of Fields of View as case studies. The focus of this course is to understand the process for development and the requirements for a serious game.


  • "PIEMAC Game: Protocols for Information Exchange in Multi-Agency Collaborations" has been submitted to Simulation & Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research in the ready to use games category.
  • "Indian Energy Game" has been submitted to Simulation & Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research in the ready to use games category.


  • In the month of March
    • Brigadier (Retired) Vijay Franklin
    • Warren Greving from Srishti Labs
    • Prof. Poonacha P G from IIIT-B
    • Manik Kalra from Jademagnet
    • Dr. Geleyn Meijer from University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam
    • Prof. Peter Sloot from University of Amsterdam
    • Dr. Anouk Tso from University of Amsterdam
  • In the month of April
    • Nadine Kaesler from Detecon
    • Ricardo Barth from Deloitte
    • Prof. Margot Weijnen from TUDelft
    • Prof. Ben Schouten from Eindhoven University
    • Prof. Peter Sloot from University of Amsterdam
    • Prof. Arjan Egges from Utrecht University
    • Gijs Gootjes and Mattijas Blekemolen from MediaLAB, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
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