Games are about fun, friendship, and memories that remain long after the play is over. It is bit natural that the immersive power of games is harnessed to address real-life issues. A lot of research has gone into understanding how games can be used in different situations and their potential is mostly untapped. Not only do games provide an inexpensive way of mimicking real-life situations, but they also allow us to learn and experience in a safe space, and the learning stays with us. At Fields of View, we create ‘serious games’ – games that can be used for learning and education; decision-making; and participatory planning. We work in the domains of urban systems and public safety and security.

Games at FoV

Game About Collaborators Audience
City Game A multi-player game to explore urban form and elicit a group/individual's preferences about their city General Public, Urban Planners, Architects
Indian Energy Game A multi-player game to help participants understand the complexity of energy policy design in India General Public, Energy Policy Planners
Electricity Markets Simulation Game Gaming simulation to help students, policy makers, market analysts, industries to understand dynamics of electricity markets Technology and Policy Management, TU Delft Students, Market analysts, Policy makers, Researchers and Companies in power sector
₹ubbish! A multi-player game to address challenges faced by Dry Waste Collection Centers and help strengthen the infrastructure of waste management in the city mediaLab Amsterdam, IIIT-B Residential Welfare Associations, Policymakers, Students
Map My City A multi-player game to understand the global effects of climate change in the local context TARU Engineers in city council, Researchers
PIEMAC A gaming simulation to understand the information flow in organisations, identify the loopholes, if any, and understand the evolution of communication protocols with in the organisation
Gaming Simulation Based Training for SST -1 Gaming simulation to train the operators in the remote operation of tokomac using a robotic arm Institute for Plasma Research Technicians operating the Tokamac machine
CPR and Triage Game Games to train medical students and emergency rescue units on how to follow a check list Medical Students, Doctors, Emergency Rescue Units, Civil Society

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